• Installing Ableton packs

    Over at Wavparty I’ve been releasing sample packs that include Ableton instruments. These user-made Ableton packs are kinda weird. You basically package up an Ableton project and then other people can download and “install it” to open your whole project (or just pull out the tracks they want into their own project). Installing and managing the files is kind of confusing and I get a lot of questions about it so I put together this quick and easy guide: Installing Ableton Packs.

  • Dinky's Taiko sample pack

    Over at Wavparty I put up a new pack of drum samples and instruments: Dinky’s Taiko samples & instruments. This is the biggest pack I’ve put together so far and also includes some Ableton instruments.

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  • Deep Dream


  • Introducing Wavparty

    I’ve been having a lot of fun putting together sample packs so I threw a site together to make them easier to download. Check out Wavparty!

    BEHIND THE SCENES DETAILS: Just like this blog, the Wavparty site is a Jekyll static site hosted on Netlify for free. Demo songs are hosted on Soundcloud and downloads are done through Gumroad. I have seen the light and I am fully committed to low effort web development.