I’m a ridiculously tall guy living in Chapel Hill, NC with my awesome wife Emily and our three calm and well-behaved children. I like synthesizers, pizza, and the Wu-Tang Clan. Other stuff too.

There are a lot of Joey Nelsons on the internet (and I get email intended for all of them). I’m the Joey Nelson that:

  • has done software stuff at a few different places like Kentik, Square, Papertrail, and UserVoice
  • lived in and around Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR in the 2000s
  • went to the University of North Texas (2000-2004)
  • grew up in Plano, TX

I also release drum samples and other sounds at Wavparty and put out some weird music as Tron F. Kennedy.

contact: joey@wlrs.net

CV / LinkedIn

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