• April Showers

  • A Month of Modular Synth Sounds

    2022 was a pretty slow year for Wavparty. I had just started a new job and most of my creative energy was going into my own music. But I do have a dream of making sample-slinging more than just a hobby so I decided to build some momentum in 2023 with an ambitious project: FEBEURORACKARY 2023.

    Every day in Februrary I released a free sample pack of sounds from Eurorack synthesizer modules. The result: 28 sample packs, 780 total samples, 75 loops, 22 Ableton instruments.

    Some thoughts:

    • I’m a big fan of setting up a routine that forces me to produce things. When I get in a rut I’m always surprised at how well this works.
    • I thought I was going to spend January doing a bunch of prep work and getting a lot of these sample packs ready. Turns out I didn’t do that and went in without a plan. It worked out okay!
    • The most labor-intensive part of making Wavparty sample packs for me is all the auxiliary stuff: making a demo track, preparing Ableton projects, editing videos. I didn’t do any of that stuff for the 24 mini packs and it felt very liberating!
    • The mini packs were also a great way to try out some weird ideas, like using Maths as an oscillator. I got some good experience with a few modules I hadn’t gone deep with.
    • I’m not going to leave these free packs up for very long. At this point I feel like there is an overwhelming amount of stuff on Wavparty and I’m probably going to move to a finite lifespan for sample packs. We’ll see!
    • It feels like I should figure out how to promote this stuff. Shit man, I dunno.

    I’m pretty pumped for some more cool Wavparty stuff coming this year. Let me know if you downloaded any of these packs and made something cool!

  • Drowning in Bullshit

    Maybe I’m just getting old (Editor’s note: he’s definitely getting old) but it’s hard to shake the feeling that online life sucks now. We’re drowning in bullshit and it’s only getting worse.

    Google search sucks. Try finding anything: You have to wade through pages of ads, widgets, low information content mill crap, and outright spam to find relevant search results. Yes, Google search is trying to funnel you into places you’ll generate money. But it doesn’t help that the web is just full of bullshit. And of course there’s a feedback loop here: that bullshit only really exists because Google incentivized it with ad cash.

    A lot of people are impressed with ChatGPT’s smoke and mirrors. It strings words together convincingly enough to sound like it knows what it’s talking about. You don’t have to look very hard to see the seams1, but the end result is striking truthiness.

    Tech journalism has focused on what this could mean for Google’s search business. Why would people need to search for information when they can just ask an AI chat bot who will give them something that looks like an accurate answer? But I think that’s underestimating the scale of transformation we’ll see.

    A lot of today’s bullshit is written by humans being paid 1 to 5 cents a word to grind out something that looks like information in the hopes of getting clicks that lead to ad impressions or affiliate link purchases. This shit has already made search unusable and killed a lot of what old timers like me loved about the web.

    But who needs to pay humans when you could just run an infinite number of prompts into a passable AI text generator? Sure, the content might be a little less accurate, but that was never the point--it was always bullshit. And in a lot of cases the writing will be better. What will change dramatically is the scale. This bullshit will be inescapable. How will anyone find any real information? Traditional Google search is toast no matter what.

    Your relatives on social media are already falling for the least-convincing conspiracy content in history. What if it was written by a robot that can actually string a coherent sentence together? A tiny automated operation could barf out millions of fabricated posts and memes a day, just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. What would a sophisticated version of this look like? Does it even matter?

    Media companies have been gutting newsrooms and divesting in actual journalism for decades now. Why wouldn’t they lean on AI to produce massive amounts of content? Toss in a few facts and let the machines remix it endlessly. This already exists--have you ever clicked on a news link, maybe about why a company’s stock price went up or down, and found yourself in the uncanny valley of an autogenerated news story with a few raw facts and no actual insight? Get used to that.

    As all this AI-generated content takes over, and successive generations are trained on it, what is our place in all of this? As online life becomes dominated with robots throwing words at each other, do we just burrow down and try to find human spaces and connection?

    A less-online life is pretty compelling these days. In the past couple years I’ve gotten off social media services one by one, and it does feel like I’ve dramatically reduced my exposure to bullshit. Maybe we can all just focus on our sporadically-updated, low-readership blogs!

    1. Ask ChatGPT a question about a topic you know well and you’re sure to trigger the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect

  • Massive X Stuck Notes in Ableton Live 11

    A while back I upgraded to a Mac Studio and this week I was messing around with Massive X (it was pretty painful to run on my old iMac) in Ableton. One thing that’s been extremely annoying is that notes hang forever if you stop playback in the middle of a note.

    A little googling seems to reveal that this is a bug on Apple Silicon. Until then you can just drop the aptly-named ShutTheFuckUp MaxForLive MIDI device on your track. Thanks, squeeb!

  • Modular Jamming on the iPad with Drambo

    Over the past few years I’ve found myself gravitating towards portable music devices that I can fool around with while I’m drinking my morning coffee or have a few spare minutes during the day. I’ve never really been an iPad guy but I’ve been seeing some interesting apps pop up over the past few years and figured it was time to give it a shot.

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