Tomorrow marks the 6 month anniversary of my family (and a lot of us here in America) going into full lockdown mode. It has been a miserable and confounding experience that other people are better equipped to write about, but let’s talk about some good things. Here are three good things that kept me from totally losing my mind:

Making pizza

During that first month of lockdown people were generally freaking out and panic-buying toilet paper and other staples. It was hard to find stuff, especially if you were relying on deliveries. For whatever reason everyone was making bread and it was impossible to find yeast. I’ve been making pizza at home for a while and had a huge stockpile of flour but we’d run out of yeast right before lockdown and it took us about a month to get our hands on some. That first batch of pizzas was theraputic.

first quarantine pizza

Getting rid of Facebook

I don’t want to be one of those guys, but Facebook is bad and I’m not sure why I was even on it anymore other than inertia. If you think you might need it someday to get in touch with family or find some old photos, you can disable your account without totally deleting it.

Electronics DIY

Before it got unbearably hot in my garage I was having a lot of fun building DIY eurorack kits. It’s intimidating, but if you’re interested just get a decent soldering iron and look for some kits on Thonk that don’t have tiny surface-mount parts (you can usually preview the assembly instructions to see how complicated it will be). It feels good to make something.